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开源 GameBoy 游戏开发工具 GB Studio 3.1.0 + x64 中文多语免费版

开源 GameBoy 游戏开发工具 GB Studio 3.1.0 + x64 中文多语免费版

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摘要:开源 GameBoy 游戏开发工具 GB Studio 中文版是适用于您最喜爱的手持视频游戏系统的快速且易于使用的拖放式复古游戏创建器。对于玩过 NES 游戏或者 GBA、GBC、GB 类模拟器的游戏相信对这些游戏画面肯定不陌生。而 GB Studio 工具就是用来快速开发这类游戏的工具。目前 GB Studio 开源…

开源 GameBoy 游戏开发工具 GB Studio 中文版是适用于您最喜爱的手持视频游戏系统的快速且易于使用的拖放式复古游戏创建器。对于玩过 NES 游戏或者 GBA、GBC、GB 类模拟器的游戏相信对这些游戏画面肯定不陌生。而 GB Studio 工具就是用来快速开发这类游戏的工具。目前 GB Studio 开源并发布在 Github 社区上,您可以随时在页面中获取最新版本。

GB Studio

GB Studio

GB Studio 是一款轻量级游戏构建器应用程序,适用于任何想要创建复古游戏但没有编程或编码知识的人。



这些元素中的每一个都可以使用位于主窗口右侧的菜单进行自定义。您可以指定名称、类型、背景或添加事件、演员和额外场景。最终项目可以导出为 ROM(您可以在模拟器中运行)或 Web,以便您可以在浏览器中欣赏它们。在工作时,您可以点击播放按钮随时了解您的进度。

不幸的是,该程序没有专门的编辑器来帮助您创建资产,因此您需要使用其他第三方软件来制作它们。对于图形,您可以使用任何可以输出 PNG 的应用程序,对于精灵和更复杂的 UI 元素,您需要使用更高级的工具。

尽管您需要自带资产,但 GB Studio 是一个简单易用的实用程序,它提供了一个直观的框架来创建复古游戏。因此,如果您对街机时代玩过的游戏怀旧,或者想制作自己喜欢的复古游戏版本,那么您应该考虑尝试一下这个工具。

GB Studio 开源社区中的中文语言并不完善,大眼仔已经手动翻译并提交中文。不过 GB Studio 中的部分仍然有英文,需要作者添加字符串来完善语言。

GB Studio 许可证

MIT 许可证


What’s new in GB Studio 3.1.0
September 11, 2022
Add VM_LOAD_TILESET and VM_OVERLAY_SET_MAP to gbvm @untoxa
Allow using frames rather than seconds for wait/camera shake/attach timer script events
Added events to Deactivate & Activate actors, similar to old hide/show but prevents update scripts from running on disabled actors
Added ability to choose any referenced assets in GBVM script event forcing assets to be included within built project
Added ability to rename the GBVM symbol used for generated data files, accessible from “View GBVM Symbols” in right sidebar menu + GBVM event references section
Added syntax highlighting and line numbers to GBVM event code input
Added event Actor Move Cancel to cancel any scripted movement currently running for a given actor @um3k
Add sound effects file support reading WAV (.wav), VGM (.vgm, .vgz) and FXHammer (.sav) files from assets/sounds folder
Add support for setting sound effects priority @untoxa
Add ability to generate Emulicious debugging files @RichardULZ
Add tooltips to Song Editor tools @DeerTears
Added Piano Roll selection tool (also accessible by holding Shift) allowing multiple notes to be dragged at once @pau-tomas
Added copy paste support for notes in music editor with OpenMPT/hUGETracker compatible clipboard format @pau-tomas
Added ability to select multiple cells in tracker editor by holding shift while pressing arrow keys @pau-tomas
Added keyboard shortcut (Space bar) to toggle play/pause in music editor @pau-tomas
Add Idle event to wait for a single frame using VM_IDLE
Add “Loop For” and “Loop While” events
Add ability to pass number values as parameters when calling scripts @pau-tomas
Add ability to access global variables from within scripts @pau-tomas
Add ability to set script parameters to be passed by reference or by value (previously was always by reference)
Add ability to use pixel values for actor and camera movement @Y0UR-U5ERNAME
Add ability to view & change units used for time and distances inline within number and variable inputs
Add event “If Actor Distance From Actor” to check if one actor is within a certain range of another @juliusl
Add event “Start Actor’s ‘On Update’ Script” @patrickmollohan
Add “Keep Running While Offscreen” option to actor “On Update” scripts
Add ability to prevent projectiles being destroyed on collision and to prevent projectile animation from looping @untoxa
Add support for engine plugins, individual C or ASM files placed in PROJECT_PATH/plugins/PLUGIN_NAME/engine/src/ replacing or adding partial parts of the game engine
Add support for partial engine files in PROJECT_PATH/assets/engine missing files will be pulled from the default game engine
Add support for calling C functions directly from GBVM with VM_CALL_NATIVE, in conjunction engine plugins allows creation of plugin events which call new native C functions
Add compile time warning if too many unique projectiles are within a scene
Add effect editor to music editor piano roll @pau-tomas
Add noise macro preview for music editor @RichardULZ
Display channel specific instrument names on instrument select dropdown @pau-tomas
Allow editing effects from tracker editor @RichardULZ
Allow transposing selected notes in tracker with Ctrl/Ctrl+Shift and Mousewheel or “+” / “-” keys @RichardULZ
Add sound effects preview from dropdowns @pau-tomas
Add tooltips to all script event labels (also used to auto generate documentation for new site)
Add “Music House” to the color sample project with examples of music and sound effects @pau-tomas. Music and sound effects by Tronimal.
Add new song template for UGE songs, with new default instruments. Song created by Tronimal.
Add support for extending engine.json from plugins @pau-tomas
Updated to latest GBDK-2020
Updated to latest GBVM
Save/restore RNG seed when saving/loading a game @untoxa
Updated Polish localisation. @ReptiIe
Optimised Switch event codegen to use VM_SWITCH instruction
Optimised codegen to use a stack frame rather than push/pop
Improved randomize @untoxa
Improved gbspack error when data is over bank size limits
Update hUGEDriver @untoxa
Hide/show actor now ONLY hides/shows, update scripts & collisions are not affected (existing hide/show events migrated to deactivate/activate for compatibility)
Updated Simplified Chinese localisation. @wcxu21
Updated German localisation. @attackemartin
List of “Variable Uses” now calculated in background thread to reduce pause while reading large projects
Timer, input and music scripts set from within a custom script no longer allow the script parameters to be used as they were not working, global variables can now be used instead.
Optimised actors_update() and vm_actor_move_to() to improve CPU usage
Improve music editor copy/paste with ModPlug compatible clipboard @RichardULZ
Fixed Wait event in scene init scripts to happen after automatic fade in
Fixed issue where animated camera lock would be off by 8x8px
Fix vertical shoot em up scene type @um3k
Fixed display of errors in game engine files while building
Fix issue where activating an actor wouldn’t trigger update script @untoxa
Fix issue where full magenta characters in font files didn’t have zero width
Fixed typo in Japanese localisation @RYU-N2001
Updated 32-bit Windows app to use correct 32-bit GBDK-2020 (again) @untoxa
Fixed issue where relative actor movement on left or top edge of scene would wrap around scene @um3k
Fix issue where soft reset could lead to UI tiles over scene tiles @untoxa
Fix issue where undoing from music editor would also undo global project changes @pau-tomas
Fix compiling noise macros for UGE songs @pau-tomas
Fix setting music editor preview start position to a different pattern @pau-tomas
Fix issue where projectiles launched at >224 degrees would be facing in wrong direction @john-lay
Restore previously playing music when loading game data
Fix issue where new patterns added to songs in music editor would not be played until song was reloaded @pau-tomas
Fix an issue where fading out mid-scene would cause game to hang @untoxa
Fix copying trigger scripts @pau-tomas
Fix issue where selecting “Wait until finished” on sound effect events could cause broken scripts containing decimal wait values
Fix selecting properties on “Self” such as position and direction @pau-tomas
Fix issue where renaming sprite files would lose any attached metadata
Prevent user from creating projects ending with a period @patrickmollohan
Fix issue where using multiple identical sound events in a project would store the data in the ROM duplicated once for every sound effect call
Fix plat_jump_vel maximum value in engine.json @patrickmollohan
Fix issue where a commented out actor update script would cause slow down while the actor is onscreen
Fix issues with build caching which was requiring cache to be cleared regularly if variable references were changed
Fix issue where Drag world mode and Paste event mode could become stuck if using Alt+Tab to switch windows while active
Fix issue using single “$” and “#” characters in dialogue
Fix issue when setting actor’s position to another actor’s position using properties @patrickmollohan
Fix issue using actor properties from within custom scripts
Removed .CURRENT_SCRIPT_BANK for gbvm scripts as results were unreliable
Removed deprecated dividing ratio and shift clock fields from noise instrument editor @pau-tomas
Removed loop option on music play event, doesn’t work for hUGEDriver and was broken on GBTPlayer. Instead add an empty pattern with an infinite loop (using effect Bxx) to the tracks you want to not loop.


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