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开源磁盘加密软件 VeraCrypt 1.26.7 + x64 中文多语免费版

开源磁盘加密软件 VeraCrypt 1.26.7 + x64 中文多语免费版

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摘要:开源磁盘加密软件 VeraCrypt + x64 中文版由大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。VeraCrypt 中文版是一款适用于 Windows,Mac OSX 和 Linux 的免费开源磁盘加密软件。VeraCrypt 是 TrueCrypt 的分支,主要开发者是法国的 Mounir Idrassi,…

开源磁盘加密软件 VeraCrypt + x64 中文版大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。VeraCrypt 中文版是一款适用于 Windows,Mac OSX 和 Linux 的免费开源磁盘加密软件。VeraCrypt 是 TrueCrypt 的分支,主要开发者是法国的 Mounir Idrassi,他在 TrueCrypt 基础上强化了防暴力免费功能。VeraCrypt 增强了用于系统和分区加密的算法的安全性,使其免受暴力免费攻击。VeraCrypt 还解决了TrueCrypt中发现的许多漏洞和安全问题。

开源磁盘加密工具 VeraCrypt 中文版

开源磁盘加密工具 VeraCrypt 中文版

VeraCrypt 主要特点

加密整个分区或存储设备,如 USB 闪存驱动器或硬盘驱动器。
加密安装 Windows 的分区或驱动器(预启动身份验证)。

VeraCrypt 是一个用于建立和维护动态加密卷(数据存储设备)的软件。即时加密意味着数据在保存之前就会自动加密,并在加载后立即解密,无需任何用户干预。如果不使用正确的密码/密钥文件或正确的加密密钥,则无法读取(解密)存储在加密卷上的数据。整个文件系统被加密(例如,文件名,文件夹名,每个文件的内容,空闲空间,元数据等)。

可以将文件复制到已安装的 VeraCrypt 卷中,也可以将其复制到任何普通磁盘上(例如,通过简单的拖放操作)。在从加密的 VeraCrypt 卷读取或复制文件时,文件会在运行中(在内存/RAM 中)自动解密。同样,正在写入或复制到 VeraCrypt 卷的文件会在 RAM 中自动加密(在它们写入磁盘之前)。请注意,这并不意味着要加密/解密的整个文件必须先存储在RAM中才能加密/解密。VeraCrypt 没有额外的内存(RAM)要求。有关如何完成此操作的说明,请参阅以下段落。

假设有一个 .avi 视频文件存储在 VeraCrypt 卷上(因此,视频文件是完全加密的)。用户提供正确的密码(和/或密钥文件)并安装(打开)VeraCrypt 卷。当用户双击视频文件的图标时,操作系统启动与文件类型相关联的应用程序 – 通常是媒体播放器。然后,媒体播放器开始将视频文件的一小部分初始部分从 VeraCrypt 加密卷加载到 RAM(存储器)以便播放它。在加载该部分时,VeraCrypt 会自动解密它(在 RAM 中)。然后,媒体播放器播放视频的解密部分(存储在 RAM 中)。在播放此部分时,媒体播放器开始将另一小部分视频文件从 VeraCrypt 加密卷加载到 RAM(内存),然后重复该过程。此过程称为动态加密/解密,适用于所有文件类型(不仅适用于视频文件)。

请注意,VeraCrypt 从不将任何解密数据保存到磁盘 – 它只将它们临时存储在 RAM(内存)中。即使安装了卷,存储在卷中的数据仍然是加密的。当您重新启动Windows或关闭计算机时,将卸除卷,并且将无法访问(并加密)存储在其中的文件。即使电源突然中断(没有正确的系统关闭),存储在卷中的文件也是不可访问(和加密)的。要使它们再次可访问,您必须装入卷(并提供正确的密码和/或密钥文件)。

有关 VeraCrypt 功能的更多信息,请参阅文档。

VeraCrypt 许可证



What’s new in VeraCrypt 1.26.7
October 1, 2023
All OSes:
Security: Ensure that XTS primary key is different from the secondary key when creating volumes
Issue unlikely to happen thanks to random generator properties but this check must be added to prevent attacks
Reference: CCSS,NSA comment at page 3: https://csrc.nist.gov/csrc/media/Projects/crypto-publication-review-project/documents/initial-comments/sp800-38e-initial-public-comments-2021.pdf
Remove TrueCrypt Mode support. Version 1.25.9 can be used to mount or convert TrueCrypt volumes.
Complete removal of RIPEMD160 and GOST89 algorithms. Legacy volumes using any of them cannot be mounted by VeraCrypt anymore.
Add support for BLAKE2s as new PRF algorithm for both system encryption and standard volumes.
Introducing support for EMV banking smart cards as keyfiles for non-system volumes.
No need for a separate PKCS#11 module configuration.
Card PIN isn’t required.
Generates secure keyfile content from unique, encoded data present on the banking card.
Supports all EMV standard-compliant banking cards.
Can be enabled in settings (go to Settings->Security Tokens).
Developed by a team of students from the Institut national des sciences appliquées de Rennes.
More details about the team and the project are available at https://projets-info.insa-rennes.fr/projets/2022/VeraCrypt/index_en.html.
When overwriting an existing file container during volume creation, add its current size to the available free space
Add Corsican language support. Update several translations.
Update documentation
Officially, the minimum supported version is now <strong>Windows 10</strong>. VeraCrypt may still run on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1, but no active tests are done on these platforms.
EFI Bootloader:
Fix bug in PasswordTimeout value handling that caused it to be limited to 255 seconds.
Rescue Disk: enhance “Boot Original Windows Loader” by using embedded backup of original Windows loader if it is missing from disk
Addition of Blake2s and removal of RIPEMD160 & GOST89
Enable memory protection by default. Add option under Performance/Driver Configuration to disable it if needed.
Memory protection blocks non-admin processes from reading VeraCrypt memory
It may block Screen Readers (Accessibility support) from reading VeraCrypt UI, in which case it can be disabled
It can be disabled by setting registry value “VeraCryptEnableMemoryProtection” to 0 under “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesveracrypt”
Add process mitigation policy to prevent VeraCrypt from being injected by other processes
Minor enhancements to RAM Encryption implementation
Fix Secure Desktop issues under Windows 11 22H2
Implement support for mounting partially encrypted system partitions.
Fix false positive detection of new device insertion when Clear Encryption Keys option is enable (System Encryption case only)
Better implementation of Fast Create when creating file containers that uses UAC to request required privilege if not already held
Allow choosing Fast Create in Format Wizard UI when creating file containers
Fix formatting issues during volume creation on some machines.
Fix stall issue caused by Quick Format of large file containers
Add dropdown menu to Mount button to allow mounting without using the cache.
Possible workaround for logarithmic slowdown for Encrypt-In-Place on large volumes.
Make Expander first check file existence before proceeding further
Allow selecting size unit (KB/MB/GB) for generated keyfiles
Display full list of supported cluster sizes for NTFS, ReFS and exFAT filesystems when creating volumes
Support drag-n-drop of files and keyfiles in Expander.
Implement translation of Expander UI
Replace legacy file/dir selection APIs with modern IFileDialog interface for better Windows 11 compatibility
Enhancements to dependency dlls safe loading, including delay loading.
Remove recommendation of keyfiles files extensions and update documentation to mention risks of third-party file extensions.
Add support for more language in the setup installer
Update LZMA library to version 23.01
Update libzip to version 1.10.1 and zlib to version 1.3.



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