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文档备份同步软件 SyncBackPro + x64 中文多语免费版

文档备份同步软件 SyncBackPro + x64 中文多语免费版

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摘要:SyncBackPro 11 中文版 一款备份同步软件由大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。2BrightSparks SyncBackPro 是一款备份同步软件,是一个先进的文件备份、恢复和同步工具。SyncBackPro 是 SyncBack 的增强版本,支持SFTP、CD/DVD,256 AES、邮件…

SyncBackPro 11 中文版 一款备份同步软件由大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。2BrightSparks SyncBackPro 是一款备份同步软件,是一个先进的文件备份、恢复和同步工具。SyncBackPro 是 SyncBack 的增强版本,支持SFTP、CD/DVD,256 AES、邮件服务器、脚本等,可应用于在本地磁盘、网络磁盘、FTP、ZIP或可移动设备等环境。

SyncBackPro 中文版

SyncBackPro 中文版

SyncBackPro 是一款功能强大的备份和同步软件,旨在为个人用户和商业用户提供可靠、灵活和高效的数据管理解决方案。无论您是需要定期备份重要文件,还是需要在多个设备之间同步数据,SyncBackPro 都能满足您的需求。

SyncBackPro 具有以下主要特点:

  • 备份和恢复:SyncBackPro 提供了全面的备份和恢复功能,可以帮助您保护关键文件和文件夹的安全。您可以创建自定义的备份配置,选择要备份的文件和文件夹,并设定备份的频率。同时,如果文件丢失或损坏,SyncBackPro 也能快速、可靠地恢复您的数据。
  • 同步和镜像:除了备份功能,SyncBackPro 还支持文件同步和镜像功能。它可以确保多个设备上的文件保持同步,使您始终拥有最新的数据副本。通过设定同步规则,您可以在多个设备之间实现双向同步,或将变更仅应用于特定目录。
  • 自动化和计划任务:SyncBackPro 允许您设定自动化的备份和同步任务,从而节省时间和精力。您可以设置计划任务,让 SyncBackPro 在指定的时间和日期自动执行备份或同步操作。这样,您可以确保数据的实时保护和更新,而无需手动操作。
  • 高级功能和选项:SyncBackPro 提供了许多高级功能和选项,以满足更复杂的数据管理需求。例如,它支持增量备份和差异备份,可以节省存储空间和提高备份效率。此外,它还提供了文件过滤、加密和压缩等功能,以增强数据的安全性和效率。
  • 强大的用户界面和易用性:SyncBackPro 具有直观友好的用户界面,使用户可以轻松管理和配置备份和同步操作。即使是没有专业技术知识的用户也能快速上手,并且软件还提供了详细的文档和支持资源,以帮助用户解决问题和了解更多功能。

无论您是个人用户还是组织机构,SyncBackPro 都是一款强大而可靠的数据管理工具,可以帮助您保护和管理重要的文件和数据。无论是日常备份,还是数据同步,SyncBackPro 都能满足您的需求,并为您提供高效、安全的数据管理方案。


What’s new in SyncBackPro
July 3, 2023
A new freeware SysLog server and client has been released.
New: Scheduler Monitor Service introduced which can help detect profiles that are not being run by the Windows Task Scheduler
New (Pro/SE): 7zip compatible LZMA2 compression and encryption (the Zip header can be encrypted so the contained filenames cannot be seen)
New (Pro): Secrets Manager to store usernames, passwords and private keys
New (Pro): Files can be copied from HTTP
New (SE): SyncBackSE now supports LZMA and BZip2 compression along with the new LZMA2 compression and encryption. This also means email log files can use higher compression (LZMA)
New (Pro/SE): You can automatically download files from HTTP, when using FTP, to increase performance
New (Pro/SE): Group Queue profiles. These are similar to the traditional Groups except you can configure how a profile in the group queue is run (e.g. an Integrity check) and the same profile can be in a group queue multiple times. They also use fewer resources.
New (Pro): Cloudflare R2 support (S3 compatible service)
New (Pro): Support for SSE-C with native Backblaze B2
New (Pro/SE): Option to compress network traffic (SMB, Windows 10 or better)
New (Pro): Script Debugging
New: You can now choose an action to take if two files are considered to be identical
New: All system volumes can be accessed with the path \?
New: New shared settings can be created from the Manage Shared Settings window. Previously they could only be created when modifying a profile.
New: Shared settings can be modified from the Manage Shared Settings window. Previously they could only be modified when modifying a profile that uses those shared settings.
New: You can rename shared settings from the Manage Shared Settings window.
New: Shared settings can be exported and imported from the Manage Shared Settings window.
New: File copying methods can be tested
New: In the Differences window, you can filter based on the filename or extension. Wildcards (* and ?) are supported
New: In the Differences window, you can configure it so that a double-click on a folder will automatically add it to the filter so only that directory and its contents are shown
New: In the Differences window, there are more filter options. You can also click on the Totals grid to filter.
New: A hotkey can be defined for SyncBack itself (the hotkey is shown in the tray icon hint)
New: A new profile configuration page (Links) has been created to centralize settings related to shortcuts, offline files, symbolic links, hard links, etc.
New: On the profile History page you can export all the history
New: In the Global Settings you can re-order the tabs
New: When modifying a group you can use drag and drop to re-order profiles in a group and to add or remove profiles from the group
New: The HTML log file now includes a bar chart for easy comparison of the number of files copied on previous runs (last 7)
New (Pro/SE): Profiles can be configured to run elevated or not elevated. When scheduling such profiles the scheduler is configured as appropriate.
New (Pro/SE): In Global Settings you can configure Windows to allow elevated processes like SyncBackPro and SyncBackSE to see mapped network drives.
New (Pro/SE): In Global Settings you can configure create a shortcut to run SyncBackPro or SyncBackSE elevated without a UAC prompt.
New: Console input (stdin) can be sent to the Run Before and Run After programs from a file
New: Console output (stdout) from Run Before and Run After can be recorded in the log file
New: Option to Run After only if the profile failed
New: Profiles (including groups) can be run automatically when the screen saver is activated or the display is powered off
New: You can ignore files accessed (or not accessed) between dates or since a date
New: For Junction Points, you can ignore all of them (as per V10 and earlier), ignore only Windows backward compatibility junction points or not ignore them
New (Pro/SE): File hard links can be identified and copied as hard links
New (Pro/SE): File symbolic links can be copied and re-mapped
New (Pro/SE): Directory symbolic links and junction/reparse points can be copied and re-mapped
New: Option to ignore hidden and system folders
New: Option to ignore pinned files and directories
New: Option to ignore unpinned files and directories
New: Option to ignore placeholder directories
New (Pro/SE): When running a profile as a Restore you can create a Windows System Restore Point.
New: Full (absolute) paths can now be used in filters
New (Pro): New script constants, e.g. HoursPerDay
New (Pro): New script functions, e.g. IntRoundTo
New (Pro): New script properties in SBRunning: LeftType, RightType, LeftIsSource
New (Pro): New script object SBProfiles
New (SE/Pro): -profaffinity command line parameter
New (Pro): Windows Group Policy settings (ADMX) are available.
Updated: No more button panels for menus, instead main menus are used
Updated: Greatly increased group filtering performance (when listing only profiles not in a group)
Updated: Drives tab on Global Settings initialized faster
Updated: The Tree Explorer, File Collision and Differences windows show if a file or directory is a link and details on it (if the profile is configured appropriately)
Updated: The Differences window has been updated so when using a dark style the details at the bottom are dark
Updated: To save space, leading and trailing slashes are no longer shown in the Differences window
Updated: The New Profile Wizard lets you create Group Queue profiles
Updated: The Filters window shows hints for items that are too wide to display entirely, or it contains variables
Updated: The Restore Wizard automatically hides the History tab if there is no history for the profile
Updated: The scheduler window now clearly shows if the schedule is daily, weekly or monthly
Updated: The log file no longer includes unused filter information and instead only shows filters that have been used
Updated: The log file now splits up the files copied etc. into their own sections. Previously there was only one section (“Copied, deleted, renamed, and changed (123)”), but now they are split into Changes, Copied, Deleted and Renamed
Updated (Pro/SE): For the webhook calls, if there is no JSON then a GET call is made instead of a POST call
Updated (Pro): With SyncBack Touch you can now use both Windows Impersonation and SBMS for login for extra security and control
Updated (Pro): The Azure Speech API has been updated
Updated (Pro): With Dropbox the native SHA256 hash is automatically used for verification and hash comparison
Updated (Pro): When creating new scripts, a simple starting template is used as a basis
Updated: When emailing the log you can choose Direct Send for a simpler configuration
Updated: When battery saver is enabled in Windows, all running profile are paused and background backups are not started
Updated: If power is switched to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) then it is treated as battery saving
Updated: When a profile is run it SyncBack checks to see if a two or more drives are using the same label or have the same serial (if you are using the label or serial variables)
Updated: SysLog supports RFC5424
Updated: Extensive improvements to creating schedules so SyncBack can detect if the user has the access rights to create schedules
Updated: When scheduling profiles configured to run elevated or not elevated the scheduler is configured as appropriate.



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