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免费开源截图共享工具 ShareX 15.0.0 官方中文免费版

免费开源截图共享工具 ShareX 15.0.0 官方中文免费版

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摘要:免费开源截图共享工具 ShareX 官方中文版由大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。ShareX 中文版是电脑上一款多功能的屏幕截图工具,这款软件不仅支持基础的屏幕截图,还支持圆角方形、椭圆形等各种形状的截取范围,以及强大的录像功能,让你可以更快速地将对自己有用的信息截取下来,并加上相关的水印、注解等,不仅…

免费开源截图共享工具 ShareX 官方中文版大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。ShareX 中文版是电脑上一款多功能的屏幕截图工具,这款软件不仅支持基础的屏幕截图,还支持圆角方形、椭圆形等各种形状的截取范围,以及强大的录像功能,让你可以更快速地将对自己有用的信息截取下来,并加上相关的水印、注解等,不仅如此,你还可以把截取下来的图片制作成 GIF 格式的动图。FastStone CaptureSnagit 也是非常不错的截图工具。

ShareX 中文版

ShareX 中文版

ShareX 功能

ShareX 功能多到夸张,内建有荧幕截图的功能,还支持圆角方形、椭圆形、三角形、多边形等等的截取范围,也还有荧幕录影的功能,能将图片输出成动态的 GIF 档案。在荧幕截图之后有各种动作的设定,有浮水印、边框、注解、复制到剪贴簿、列印图片、存档、另存新档与上传图片,这些功能老实说颇实在的,能有比较广泛的应用。

大部分的功能和快捷键都可以自定义。比如说你可以配置成,按下快捷键截图后,自动加上水印(或者其他效果),自动上传到 imgur,然后把可以分享的图片网址自动缩短(是的,你没看错,这货也支持各种网址缩短),然后自动复制链接到剪切板,并同时自动发送 tweet。

除了截图以外,ShareX 还能分享剪切板内的文字,或者上传文件到各种服务。然后,它还有一些其他的功能,感兴趣话可以去安装来慢慢研究。

ShareX 使用方法

Print Screen:捕捉整个屏幕
Alt+Print Screen:捕捉活动窗口
Ctrl+Print Screen:捕捉矩形区域
Shift+Print Screen:屏幕录制

ShareX 是一款开源免费的截图软件,自2007年推出以来,10年的时间,让他的功能多到眼花缭乱。除了必不可少的一键截屏外,你还可以各种姿势截网页、截滚动页面、变DNS、二维码转换、突然融合、FTP上传,以及直接截取成视频或者GIF!自带简单的编辑工具,截完图后还可以直接加特效。如此丰富的功能,软件大小却只有70多MB,说其是黑科技也不为过。这是当前世界上最好的截图软件,如果你想什么东西都用最好的,那这款ShareX一定不能错过。

Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista 32bit/64bit/Windows XP

ShareX 许可证

GPL-3.0 许可证


What’s new in ShareX Portable 15.0.0
January 24, 2023
Added new “Dark” theme, and renamed previous theme to “Night”*
If you did not add a new theme manually then ShareX will assume theme settings are default and add the new theme automatically, otherwise you must reset theme settings to default to get it
Updated our website theme to fit to new ShareX dark theme
Added “Pin to screen” tool*
Available methods to use the tool*:
Tools menu ? Pin to screen
Main window right click context menu ? Pin to screen (Ctrl + P shortcut)
History/Image history window right click context menu ? Pin to screen (Ctrl + P shortcut)
After capture tasks ? Pin to screen
Toast notification click action option ? Pin to screen
Create a hotkey
Available hotkeys that users can create:
Tools ? Pin to screen
Tools ? Pin to screen (From screen)
Tools ? Pin to screen (From clipboard)
Tools ? Pin to screen (From file)
Pin to screen keybinds:
Hold left click Move image
Right click / Escape Close image
Middle click Reset image
Double click Minimize image
Mouse wheel / + – Change image scale
Ctrl + Mouse wheel / Ctrl + + – Change image opacity
Ctrl + C Copy image
Hotkey settings window visual improvements
Allow changing hotkey tasks without opening task settings window, instead dropdown menu could be used, which also gonna make creating new hotkeys easier*
Hotkeys which have their task settings overridden by the user are now indicated by “*” character at the end of hotkey task name
Added support to quickly combine images in main window by drag and dropping thumbnails to top of each other
Use ShareX theme in screen recording overlay
Added “Pause” support to screen recording*
Added “Pause screen recording” hotkey
Added support to move recording region while recording is paused*
All ShareX builds now include FFmpeg 5.1 64-bit built-in, 32-bit OS users can override FFmpeg path to use their own FFmpeg binaries
Removed FFmpeg download button because it is not necessary anymore
Added “Freehand arrow” annotation tool
Added “Cut out” tool to image editor (by @nielsmh)
Available cut out effects:
No effect
Torn edges
X keybind can be used to select the tool
While annotating when Ctrl key is hold also disable selection of resize nodes
Increase text annotation maximum font size to 300 from 100
Added “Wave edge” image effect (by @nielsmh)
Uploader configurations now assume https:// by default if prefix is missing from URL entered by user
When downloading file to reupload, ShareX will request the file name from the server instead of parsing it from URL, this feature is mainly used with ShareX browser extensions because extension gives URL to ShareX which then downloads the file from URL to reupload it
Added “DisableLogging” registry setting (Disables debug log file saving)
If system admin disabled upload through registry then on first ShareX run disable after capture upload option too
Using GitHub Actions to release builds now instead of AppVeyor
“Install dev build” button now shows update message box and downloads the dev builds from ShareX/DevBuilds repository
In auto update message box if “No” button is pressed then disable auto update check until ShareX is restarted
Allow closing OCR window with Esc key
In “Hash check” window allow dragging file to second file path textbox
Added “Wrap after” option and image count label to “Image combiner” tool
Include uploader name in upload error notifications
Implemented OAuth loopback IP address flow for Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Cloud Storage and YouTube because the rest of authentication methods are deprecated for desktop apps by Google



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