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免费代码编辑器 PSPad Editor 中文多语免费版

免费代码编辑器 PSPad Editor 中文多语免费版

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摘要:PSPad Editor 5.0 Portable 中文多语特别版由大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。PSPad editor Portable 是一款集各种编辑器的优点于一身的免费文本编辑器,支持简体中文界面。它同时编辑多个文件,可以使用 project;内置HEX编辑器;支持宏的录制和使用;支持语法高…

PSPad Editor 5.0 Portable 中文多语特别版大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。PSPad editor Portable 是一款集各种编辑器的优点于一身的免费文本编辑器,支持简体中文界面。它同时编辑多个文件,可以使用 project;内置HEX编辑器;支持宏的录制和使用;支持语法高亮和彩色显示,HTML,PHP,Pascal,JScript,VBScript,SQL,Perl,JAVA…;内置文件比较工具;支持宏的录制和使用;内置FTP工具;可以针对不同的文件类型设置对应的外部工具;支持外部编译器。不过其打开文件的速度似乎不如 Editplus。当然,优秀的代码编辑器有很多,大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)也有给大家推荐 Notepad++,UltraEdit,UEStudio 等等经典的代码编辑器。

免费代码编辑器 PSPad Editor 中文版

免费代码编辑器 PSPad Editor 中文版

PSPad editor Portable 功能介绍

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最强的是剪辑(Ctrl+Space)和自动完成(Ctrl+J)功能,它能帮助你快速高效的生成部分代码!这个用IDE的程序员都会知道。对与Web开发,PSPad的菜单“网页”里面提供了页面预览、格式化HTML代码、压缩、格式化CSS、集成Top Style、集成TiDy等功能。在菜单“帮助”的“在线工具”里面提供了Link检查、HTML校验、CSS校验、HTML TiDy等一系列工具。PSPad不愧为程序员的编辑器!

当然,PSPad 也有缺点,由于底层采用 SynEdit,所以 Unicode 支持不太好,另外换行(word wrap)问题始终没解决,作者干脆去掉了这个功能。我觉得如果不是读代码,而是写代码,直接设置格式为UTF-8基本没问题,换行功能也基本没用。作者很积极,一直在完善 SynEdit 和 PSPad,也许不久就会有个完全支持 Unicode 的 PSPad。


What’s new in PSPad 5.0.4 Build 541
December 31, 2020
Autocomplete doesn’t complete numbers in automatic mode, in manual mode does
Own editor font usage without to have install it – put your TTF files into subfolder .Fonts
Highlighter settings – added possibility to open selected user highlighter definition
Code explorer – Sort button has “state”. You can switch it on/ff for current Window. Default state cames from Program settings / Tools – Sort code explorer
Code explorer – selected item stays selected after sort change or refresh (if exists)
Code explorer – search is case insesitive, Alt, Ctrl, Shift doesn’t reset search, Ctrl+Enter search for next occurence
Sort lines uses “stable sort”, If lines are same, order isn’t changed. It has meaning for sort by column.
FTP quick search box is case insensitive
FTP – new field for change folder with history for each server stored in Recent.ini. ENTER confirm entry and send command to FTP server.
New user highlighter definition for Solidity
Open files panel – possibility to arrange selected windows Horizontally/Vertically
Open file list (left tool panel) – possibility select and close more files at once (right mouse)
File info shows current open file last write time
Scripts files are sorted alphabetically before adding to scripting engine. Put underscore to the file name begin if you want to compile e.g. your script library as the first
Program settings / Backup – new options allow switch on/off autosave files with computer suspend
Program settings – added search option possibility. Repeated Enter key press search for occurences
Synchronize movement activation is possible even in one splitted window
Project – speed up big project file loading
User highlighter – added support for Ruby symbols
FTP ciphering – updated OpenSSL libraries
PHP highlighter – added void type support
AutoIt highlighter marks # as part of the word when double click
JavaScript highlighter – added support for Template literals (Template strings) and new JScript highlighter attribute Template for color setting
Current file tab highlight
Incremental search (Ctrl+E) – extended functionality – Right arrow adds another char, Tab adds string till end of the word
Favorite panel / Tools – added option Save all files before tool starts
Status bar was moved to the bottom of main window from the bottom of individual windows. The reason is reading devices support for visually impaired people.
INI highlighter – hexadecimal numbers are highlighted
C# highlighter is supported now as basic highlighter instead of user highlighter
Color schemes are stored per user highlighter slot instead of previous system where all user highlighter slots has common scheme.
PSPad saves all files in restart/shutdown state include never saved new files.
Skins – Program settings / Colors – is possible to change program skin to black. In the same place you can load Highlighters scheme. Optimized are PSPad_Light and PSPad_Dark. Creating and modifying schemes stays in Highlighter settings. As Skin is possible to use any Delphi VCL scheme (VSF extension).
Program settings / Colors – possibility to set color for other occurrence of selected text
Other occurences of selected text – changed to case insensitive, spaces on the begin/end are trimmed
Many optimalizations made for Load/Save highlighters scheme
Open/Save dialog work was rewrited (joined with skins). For Windows Vista and newer new system dialogs are used
Internal HTML preview – obsolete Mozilla, based on unsupported Mozilla activeX control was replaced for Chromium based Edge. To test it is necessary to install chromium based Edge Canary build. It can coexists with existing Windows 10 edge without problems.
Editor window – highlight all occurences of selected text. You can switch it off in the Program settings / Editor 2
Compiled with Delphi 10.4 Denali (still in beta stage)
New Memory manager version FastMM5
User highlighter – added “Attribute” for PowerShell – it highlights word after square open bracket
Find by lines – new function in the Search menu. Input is list of line numbers and result is set of lines from current document in new document.
Scroll past EOF (Program settings / Editor 1) – separated as standalone option from previous scroll past EOL and EOF
Splitted editor window – splitter has different color, splitter width depends of screen DPI
New scripting function tabsToSpaces(input: string): string
Autocorrect – won’t be executed if text is selected
Format block (left/right/center) works in column selection with limitation – text doesn’t contain real tabs.
User highlighter extended of Variable attribute with possibility highlight PHP like variables (starting with $)
FTP – added possibility to rename folder with connections. It’s possible to use it to join folders too
FTP – connection popup menu is organized into submenus according to folders
Updated color scheme PSPad dark and PSPad light


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