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Windows 剪贴板增强工具 Ditto 3.21.223 + x64 绿色中文版

Windows 剪贴板增强工具 Ditto 3.21.223 + x64 绿色中文版

作者:大眼仔~旭 日期:12个月前 (12-22) 围观:19854+ 评论:0 条

摘要:Ditto v3.21.223 + x64 + Portable 绿色中文版由大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。Ditto 3.20.51 绿色中文版是一款强大的 Windows 剪贴板增强工具,它支持64位操作系统,而且完全免费,绿色开源,支持中文,而且还有免安装的绿色版本。开启 Ditto 后,不会有…

Ditto v3.21.223 + x64 + Portable 绿色中文版大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。Ditto 3.20.51 绿色中文版是一款强大的 Windows 剪贴板增强工具,它支持64位操作系统,而且完全免费,绿色开源,支持中文,而且还有免安装的绿色版本。开启 Ditto 后,不会有任何程序界面出现,它只是默默地在系统右下角弹出了一个蓝色的托盘图标,这时候你复制任何内容到剪贴板都会被 Ditto 一一记录。如果你什么时候想找到它,就可以按 Ctrl+`,当中的每条内容都可以供你选择性的重新复制。

另外,Ditto 还提供“合并粘贴”功能——许多文章的重点内容往往都分布在各个部分,这个时候你可能需要在这篇文章复制很多次,再粘贴到同一个地方去,而你有了 Ditto,就可以使用 CTRL 或 Shitft 选择多条记录,然后一次性的粘贴出来。

相信大家都听过这样一则笑话:“是这样的张总,你在家里的电脑上按了CTRL+C,然后在公司的电脑上再按CTRL+V是肯定不行的。即使同一篇文章也不行。不不不,多贵的电脑都不行。”其实这个这个笑话还有续集,张总最后说:“王秘书,你明天不用来了,我用的是Ditto……”哈,想必大家都明白了吧 Ditto 的亮点是可以实现剪贴板网络同步功能的,只要两台电脑都装了 Ditto,配置好之后就可以方便地同步剪贴板了。
Ditto 本身实现的网络剪贴板同步是基于两台计算机直连的,两台电脑需处于同一局域网内才能比较方便地使用。不过,像张总一样两台基于互联网的电脑要怎样使用呢?对于这点,有2个比较简单的解决方法:
2、你也可以考虑将 Ditto 的数据库文件放到金山快盘或者其他一些同步软件的目录中,间接地实现同步剪贴板的功能。

Ditto 还有皮肤更换、剪贴板数量统计等等人性化的功能。另外,Ditto 的字体,版式,呼出快捷键等等都提供自定义更改,还有更多功能都非常值得你去摸索。在目前,Ditto 应该可以算是 Windows 剪贴板增强工具中的佼佼者了,另外再加上 Ditto 的绿色免费免安装,可以算得上是精品中的精品了。

Ditto 3.21.223 更新日志
Chai script paste support (https://sourceforge.net/p/ditto-cp/wiki/Scripting/)
Fixed issue with pasting into admin app from a low privilege user
Fixed crash when dragging and dropping
Handle exception when placing items on the clipboard, should fix a reported crash
Handle hyper-links in description window
Handle mouse wheel messages for the window the mouse is over not the the focused window
Set focus to richtext on mouse active so the first click works to select text and click on hyper-links
Don’t hide description window when deleting clips
Track active window when opened from command line option
Handle page up/down with description window open
Use version 6 common controls, config windows looks better
Removed ability to convert old access db to sqlite, if needed they can first run an older version then this version.
Added adv option to multi paste in reverse order or not
Find child process for uwp apps, edge, mail, …
Delay sending paste to edge browser so the paste works, edge seems to take a long time to set focus
Use rtf control to pre process rtf before we draw rtf text, was finding newer version of word would add data that our draw routine could not handle
Don’t combine multiple clips unless they all have that type of data
Assign short cut keys to paste scripts
PNG supported in viewer and thumbnail images
Support png images in drag and drop and export to image
Change appx app name to “Ditto Clipboard” – added php script to beta page to always refresh page
Updated icons for alt-tab
Resize dialog paint fix
Tooltip timeout of 0 turns off toolips
Show a message when receiving a manual sent clip, option to turn this off
Color search box better when using dark theme
Handle repeat keys when moving selection up and down
Show selected index and clipboard change delay in adv settings
Added menu option to move clip to the end of the list
Added shortcut key to load last search
Added shortcut key to toggle search method
Added the ability use environment variables in the database path
Don’t add cmd.exe custom keys if we are windows 10
Fixed issue with showing scroll bars
Fixed searching for regex on quick paste text
F3 searches list by default on second press if searching
Added tooltip timeout to the adv options window
Read large string values from settings (reg or ini)
Fixed issues with drawing rtf text
Updated Chinese translation
Added option to not show startup tooltip message
Show & when typed into search box


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