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Windows 文件管理器专业工具 Directory Opus 12.12 Build 6964 x64 中文免费版

Windows 文件管理器专业工具 Directory Opus 12.12 Build 6964 x64 中文免费版

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摘要:Directory Opus 12.6 中文多语特别版由大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。Directory DOpus(简称 DOpus),是澳大利亚 GP Software 公司的产品,该公司成立于 1984 年,并于 1990 年发布了第一个正式版本的 Directory DOpus v1,它是 G…

Directory Opus 12.6 中文多语特别版大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。Directory DOpus(简称 DOpus),是澳大利亚 GP Software 公司的产品,该公司成立于 1984 年,并于 1990 年发布了第一个正式版本的 Directory DOpus v1,它是 Greg Preey 博士为 Amiga 系统开发的,这一开发时间远远超前于其它同类软件(包含:XYplorer,Xplorer2,Total Commander等等),也奠定了 Directory DOpus 在文件管理界的泰斗地位。

为了适应新的 Windows 系统,Greg Preey 于 2001 年发布Directory DOpus v6,全面应用于 Windows 操作系统。随着计算机技术的发展,老式的全键盘操作已经被鼠标操作逐渐代替,人们更喜欢用鼠标来操作。

Directory Opus 中文特别版 Windows 文件管理器专业工具

Directory Opus 中文特别版 Windows 文件管理器专业工具

Directory DOpus 软件功能特点
3.程序支持文件显示或者隐藏过滤功能,支持按照文件属性,目录名或者文件名等多种匹配条件来控制是否显示或者隐藏! 4.在文件管理窗口的标题栏,程序设置了5个快捷按钮,功能分别是回到刚刚浏览的前一个文件夹,回到刚刚浏览的后一个文件夹,向上后退一个文件夹,文件管理窗口显示方式管理,关闭窗口,这个功能非常实用!


Directory Opus  12 更新日志
File and folder labels can now be set as “pin to top”. Any file with a label assigned to it that specifies pin to top will sort at the top of the file list, irrespective of the overall sort order. There’s a new default Status category label (Pinned), although you note you’ll need to reset the Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Labels page to defaults to see this in an existing configuration.
The GIF plugin now fully supports the Expand/Scroll mouse button option in the viewer, including quick rendering and animation support.
The Change Attributes & Times dialog now lets the time and date fields for Creation and Last Modified time be individually turned off (so that you can, for example, change the dates of selected files without affecting their times).
Added support for the “non-content indexed” file attribute (the SetAttr command and metadata panel now let it be set or cleared, advanced Find lets you search for files with it set, and the file display displays it in the Attr column as i).
The {thumbnail} infotip code can now specify a different size to the regular thumbnail size, by adding an additional : parameter (following the parameter for the border type, which must also be included). E.g. {thumbnail:0:512} for 512 pixel thumbnails with no border.
In the Rename dialog, the options to copy and paste the list of names to/from the clipboard have been moved into a menu-button above the preview list. The menu also contains three new options: Prefix, Append and Reset. Prefix and Append let you add the clipboard content to the start or end of the existing names instead of replacing the names. If one line is in the clipboard, it will be added to every name. If multiple lines are in the clipboard, one will be added to each name, and blank lines can be used to skip names. (If the number of files is larger than the number of lines, the clipboard content will loop around). Finally, the Reset option clears any new names set via the same menu or via manually typing over individual names. As before, this functionality is only available when macro-building mode is turned off, via the adjacent checkbox.
Added @ifrunning command modifier (and SysInfo.FindProcess script method).
Added Show in Label column option for labels, which lets you prevent their name being shown in the Label column in a Lister.
Added script dialog rclick event for listbox and listview items. The Msg object also has new mousex and mousey properties that give the mouse location (in screen coordinates) when the message was generated.
It’s now possible to define a hotkey that overrides the Escape key in the standalone viewer.
The Label Assignments list in Preferences now uses the configured file display background color.
Context menu items in the registry as “static verbs” now work correctly from the file display background context menu (e.g. Git for Windows).
Fixed problem in List mode where the filename of a newly created folder could be displayed in the wrong location until the file display was repainted.
Fixed Text viewer’s “assume UTF-8” checkbox becoming stuck if turned on.
Fix for drag & drop from TortoiseSVN repo browser creating zero byte files.
The Info Tip font is now configurable through Preferences.
The {dlgsave} code now allows the “save as type” field to be populated, e.g. {dlgsave|Title|Default Name.txt|type=Text Files!*.txt!Doc Files!*.doc}. Add # following the type= string to automatically include the “All files” item.

The rename dialog new name field now allows {scp:…} to be typed, to allow script column values to be used in the rename operation (previously the colon would be blocked).
The viewer was failing to indicate if the first image it opened with was marked unless the “Display Marked Pictures pane when a picture is marked” option was turned on.
Fixed a fairly obscure problem which could cause inline rename to be cancelled automatically when middle-clicking on a file in power mode with an OnActivateLister script installed that automatically sets the active lister to be source.
File tooltips triggered by holding down the control key are now clipped to the file display to prevent them appearing off-screen if the display is scrolled too far horizontally.
Fixed a problem with inline rename where the file extension could incorrectly be displayed (if it was hidden) when moving from one filename to the next using the cursor keys.
Fixed drag image/tooltip going behind submenus when dragging to toolbar in customize mode.
When clearing a collection using dopusrt.exe /col clear, sub-collections are no longer removed (previously they would be removed from the list, but not from disk, which meant they would come back after a restart). You can now use /col clear /full <name> to remove all contents including sub-collections.
The “Pin current folder to Quick Access” context menu command (when right-clicking on the root of the Quick Access folder in the tree) now works
Rename macro builder now uses Consolas 9pt as its default font on Vista and above.
Fixed filenames not lining up in the Rename macro editor with some fonts.
After using “paste new names” in the Rename dialog, the preview’s New Name column now auto-sizes.
Fixed incorrect preview, and sometimes crash, in Rename dialog when using “Show preview of sub-folder contents” and a large number of parent folders.
Fixed problem with the rename macro builder that could lead to an erase/insert/erase macro being incorrectly collapsed to erase/insert
The image viewer’s optional picture frame now scales with DPI.
The Labels list in Preferences is now displayed using the configured file display background color instead of the system “window” color.
Added a confirmation prompt when the dialog editor is cancelled if the dialog has been modified.
The @noprogress modifier works from scripts now.
If all folder aliases were displayed in the folder tree (instead of just user-defined ones), the user-defined ones didn’t work.
Fixed problems with archives not appearing in the tree underneath libraries in some cases.
Using the Set COLUMNS command to set only one column (e.g. Set COLUMNS=35mmfocallength) would cause a crash in some cases.
The Set COLUMNS and similar commands misidentified the 35mmfocallength column as the companyname column.
The Quick Access branch of the tree now displays the properly localized names of its member folders.
Fixed a problem which could cause a crash if a function modified image files in a Lister and then changed folder.
Fix for toolbar layout issues on high DPI systems after multiple soft restarts have occurred (e.g. after changing Preferences settings that require the program restarts itself).
Label lists in Preferences / Folder Options now use the configured file text color as well as background color.
On the Label Assignments page in Preferences, it was possible to open multiple label filter dialogs simultaneously, which could cause a crash when the dialogs were closed.
The Change Attributes dialog now resizes to make sure the list of attributes is completely visible.
Fixed problem where a label filter that used Type Match Folders could misidentify some archives as folders when in a library.
Fixed a problem with labels not working properly on folders in the tree if they have localized filenames.
Fixed problem with PDF metadata not decoding some strings correctly.
If a toolbar button was highlighted with the mouse and then the mouse moved over an adjacent spacer, the button would remain highlighted.
Fixed problem with progress dialog ending up the wrong size if it was minimized with the copy queue visible and all but the last item finished (removing the queue) while still minimized.
Info tips will now display strings enclosed in angle brackets (e.g. <blah>) unless they’re a supported html-style tag.
Fix for double-clicking images if the Windows Photos app was set as the default image viewer, after the Windows 10 Creators Update.
Fixed problem with metadata pane not setting exif tags in some circumstances.
Set JOBSBAR command was missing from the manual.
It’s now possible to make a link to a drive root, e.g. Copy MAKELINK=softlink E:\
Fixed problem introduced in 12.4 where you could not use AltGr+’ — actually AltGr + (the key bottom-left of Return, depending on keymap) — to type special characters in some locales, as it was interpreted as the Ctrl+’ which now copies the name from the file above.

In the OnOpenLister script event, it’s now possible for the event to fire after a Lister has finished opening (including opening all its tabs) as well as before. If the new OpenListerData.after property is False, you should return True from the event handler. The event will then be called again with OpenListerData.after set to True once all the tabs are open.
The ImageMeta.latitude and longitude properties now return decimal coordinates. The coords property now returns a string containing latitude,longitude as decimal coordinates.
Added Command.filecount and linecount properties
For combo edit controls in script dialogs, Control.value.name now returns the string entered by the user if they typed something in rather than picking from the dropdown list. The editable text can be set using Control.label.
In scripts, a Dialog object can now be used as the parent window for things that need one. E.g. a dialog can have another dialog as its parent.
The new Dialog.disable_window property lets a dialog automatically disable a window while it’s visible, and re-enable it again once the dialog closes.
Save dialogs shown via the Dialog.Save method now support a fourth argument to populate the “save as type” dropdown.
Fixed a problem with “multicol” script columns incorrectly being called for non-multicol columns.
The script method Control.GetItemByLabel was incorrectly documented as GetItemByName. Both versions work now.
The script Blob.ToArray and ToVBArray methods now take optional “from” and “size” parameters, similar to Blob.CopyFrom.


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