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Avast!网络安全软件 Avast Premier Antivirus 19.6.2383 中文多语免费版

Avast!网络安全软件 Avast Premier Antivirus 19.6.2383 中文多语免费版

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摘要:Avast!网络安全软件 Avast! 2019 Premier 中文多语特别版由大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。Avast杀毒软件是国际知名的杀毒软件,功能也不需要过多的介绍,有接触电脑的朋友,应该都是听说过,而且有用过这款杀毒软件的。Avast Antivirus 2019 杀毒软件使Avast不再…

Avast!网络安全软件 Avast! 2019 Premier 中文多语特别版大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。Avast杀毒软件是国际知名的杀毒软件,功能也不需要过多的介绍,有接触电脑的朋友,应该都是听说过,而且有用过这款杀毒软件的。Avast Antivirus 2019 杀毒软件使Avast不再仅仅是一款杀毒软件,而是一款多功能的安全软件。

Avast Antivirus 2019 杀毒软件,提供实时保护功能 时时保护您的计算机。特别版也可以在线升级病毒数据库,对电脑提供最大程度的保护,以应对最新的包括病毒,间谍软件和rootkit的威胁。

Avast Antivirus 2019 杀毒软件包含一个智能扫描功能,开启智能扫描时,不仅对电脑进行病毒扫描,还可以对电脑进行优化,提高性能,在扫描病毒时,也会对电脑系统和本地网络环境进行检测,看下是否存在电脑漏洞和网络安全漏洞。

Avast Antivirus 2019 杀毒软件还提供了大范围的工具,用于执行不同的任务。这些工具将使Avast杀毒软件变成一个多功能的安全软件。

Avast Antivirus 2019 杀毒软件还提供了清理浏览器垃圾的功能包括:V,PN安全连接,V,PN服务;安全,私密的在线浏览网页,减少网上购物及在线消费的风险; 沙盒服务允许你使用虚拟空间来运行应用程序; 远程排除故障; 和创建系统恢复光盘的功能。

Avast Antivirus 2019 杀毒软件饮食新的技术,如安全DNS扫描,扫描HTTPS和家庭安全网络,不过2016版增加了这么多功能,相应的对系统要求也更高了,需要消耗大量的内存。

Avast Antivirus 2019 杀毒软件优点:


What’s new:
– HTTPS scanning. Now, we are able to detect and decrypt TLS/SSL protected traffic in our Web-content filtering component. We are using our own generated certificates that are added into the Root Certificate store in Windows and also into major browsers. This feature will protect you against viruses coming through HTTPs traffic as well as adding compatibility for SPDY+HTTPS/ HTTP 2.0 traffic. You can tune/disable this feature in the settings section.
– Home Network Security. Scan your home network for vulnerabilities (wifi status, connected devices, router settings, factory passwords, etc.). This is quite a new approach as we are trying to discover potential problems not isolated on the particular device only, but in the entire network of devices you use or connect to the Internet from.
– SecureDNS (this feature is active in the paid versions only). We are introducing a new provider which guards against unprotected DNS/DNS hijack on a router/client (including unsecured networks, public ones, etc.).
– Smart Scan. Integrated all on demand scans into one (Antivirus, Software updates, Home Network, GrimeFighter). One scan, different results and recommendations.
– New Support System. Easy contact for paid users to submit a ticket with all info included automatically. Improved knowledge base for free users. Help is completely online and is more up to date.
– General bugfixing. This covers a lot of stability and performance changes in all components (but the main focus was traditionally on the network and engine components).
– GrimeFighter Free. GrimeFighter will offer free cleaning of junk files and tuning of system settings. These tasks are performed by our Zilch and Torque minions. Other minion functions remain as paid-for features.
– AVAST NG. A hardware based virtualization solution capable of running each Windows process in standalone safe virtualized environment (VM) and fully integrated to your desktop. Each process is executed in its own instance of VM, which means totally isolated from your other applications. This feature is now powering the Avast DeepScreen, resulting in better detection. The technology will also eventually power the Sandbox and SafeZone components (although it does not now).

Languages: English, Arabic, Belarusian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese


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