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Windows 记事本替代工具 Notepad3 5.20.915.1 + x64 中文多语免费版

Windows 记事本替代工具 Notepad3 5.20.915.1 + x64 中文多语免费版

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摘要:Notepad3 中文版由大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。虽然 Windows 操作系统在过去几年中得到了显着更新。 但是,默认的 Windows 记事本在 20 年内未更新。 如果你需要一个简单的编程任务的文本编辑器,请考虑使用 Notepad3 中文版吧!我们使用默认 Windows 记事本当前缺少…

Notepad3 中文版由大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。虽然 Windows 操作系统在过去几年中得到了显着更新。 但是,默认的 Windows 记事本在 20 年内未更新。 如果你需要一个简单的编程任务的文本编辑器,请考虑使用 Notepad3 中文版吧!我们使用默认 Windows 记事本当前缺少的所有功能创建了 Notepad3。 Notepad3 是一个快速,轻量级的基于 Scintilla 的文本编辑器,具有语法高亮功能。 它占用的内存很小,但功能强大,足以处理大多数编程工作。

Windows 记事本替代工具 Notepad3 中文多语特别版

Windows 记事本替代工具 Notepad3 中文多语特别版

基本 Notepad3 功能

此外,Notepad3 具有以下功能:代码折叠,括号匹配,自动缩进,字自动完成,转换各种格式(ASCII,UTF-8和UTF-16)之间的字符编码,换行格式转换(在 DOS 之间(CR/LF),Unix(LF)和 Macintosh(CR)格式),多个撤销或重做,书签和基于正则表达式的查找和替换。

以前我们提到 Notepad3 几乎可以处理任何编程工作,我们不会撒谎。只需查看下面支持的编程语言列表,找到您最喜欢的。

它为 ASP,汇编语言,AutoHotkey,AutoIt3,AviSynth,Bash,BAT,C,C ++,C#,CMake,CoffeeScript,通用网关接口(CGI),层叠样式表(CSS),DIFF,HTML,INF 提供语法高亮支持。 INI,Inno Setup,Java,JavaScript,LaTeX,Lua,Markdown,NSIS,Pascal,Perl,PHP,Python,REG,Ruby,SQL,Tcl,Visual Basic(VB),VBScript,VHDL 脚本,XHTML,XML,YAML ,D 源脚本,Go 源脚本,JSON,Makefile,MATLAB,Nim 源代码,Power Shell 脚本,资源脚本,Shell 脚本以及对 NFO ANSI 艺术的改进支持。

下载 Notepad3
Notepad3 有两种风格。用于将其安装到计算机并可选择替换默认 Windows 记事本的设置。便携式版本可直接从 U 盘或便携式硬盘驱动器运行。只需下载您喜欢的任何一个。


What’s new in Notepad3 5.20.915.1
September 15, 2020
Allow colon (:) as alternate divide operator to calculate TinyExpr.
grepWinNP3: default extension on saving search result list.
Focused-View: mode Fold-Only.
Mark Occurrences: show additional Bookmark (Arrows).
Bookmark context menu: clear marker type.
FocusedView Options: Bookmarks/Line-Highlight & Folding.
Bookmark margin context menu.
1st version of Occurrences Bookmarks on Focused-View.
Controls to clear history (file and find/replace).
Using dialog RTL option for Main window too.
Right-to-left (RTL) title/frame layout for some dialogs.
Edit Right-To-Left (RTL) mode (works only in GDI device context (DC)).
Extended context menu (margin commands, file explorer).
Context-Menu to toggle margins.
Color-Definition Hotspots: support RGB+A (default), A+RGB and BGRA.
Configuration for “Search in Files” toolbar label.
Configuration ([Settings2]LargeIconScalePrecent) percent to switch to bigger file types icons.
DPI-Aware treeview/listview lexer type icons.
New string “Calculate Tiny-Expressions”.
ARM64_Build branch (Xperimental).
F/R Dialog: toggle “Esc Ctrl Chr”, try reverse operation if no length change
Bad design: F/R dialog: remove auto Esc Ctrl Chr (changed to manual explicit).
Open Recent File: Rename the Cancel button to Close button.
grepWinNP3: alpha transparency on losing focus.
Rearange and review “File Encoding” menu to clarify behavior.
Default for file-encoding-tag parsing -> OFF.
Swap file-encoding-tag parsing priority (encoding <-> coding).
Revert Initial Font-Size based on DeviceCaps.
Initial Font Size based on DeviceCaps (=> FullHD unchanged).
grepWinNP3: Export search result list (NP3 enhancements).
Delete Bookmarks (Alt+F2): 1st delete occurrence markers then std. bookmarks.
Remove max count limitation for “Mark Occurrences” feature.
Bookmark context menu on alpha-blend FocusedView marker line.
Convenient message box text for normalizing EOLs.
grepWinNP3 and minipath: special dialog box UI fonts for Asian languages.
Use optimized Asian UI fonts for Notepad3 dialog boxes.
Focused View: scroll to current position on each toggle.
grepWinNP3: add OS architecture (x64) – AboutBox (GRE).
Replace “64-bit”/”BETA” by “x64″/”beta” to shorter the version name.
Title font change DPI-Awareness for About and Customize Schemes dialog.
Resample scaling of info-box icons on DPI change.
Revert System’s Message box for “save confirmation” (if message beeps are allowed).
High Quality Bitmap resampling method (Rizonesoft Bitmap).
DPI-Aware About & Custom.Scheme dialog.
Swap Shortcuts: “Search in Files” -> “Ctrl+Shift+F” and Toggle Folds -> “Ctrl+Alt+F”.
Review document modified handler (dirty-flag).
Update grepWinNP3 (GRE) version (2020-08-25).
Update Oniguruma Regex (ONI) engine version 6.9.6 (2020-07-31).
Update Scintilla Library (SCI) version 4.4.4 (2020-08-18).
TinyExpr: crash on rectangular selection.
TinyExpr: enable CP1252 operators ‘×'(mul) and ‘÷'(div).
TinyExpr: ignoring currency chars (“$€¢£¥”) in expressions.
TinyExpr: “=?” result not taken into account.
TinyExpr: inline evaluation on active option only.
TinyExpr: allow rh equal and questionmark.
TinyExpr: newline after evaluation by ‘=’.
Allow RETURN / ENTER after equal sign (=) to calculate TinyExpr.
SubMenu active marker (Occurrences Indicator Options).
Delete marker of (comletely) deleted lines.
Initial state of “Focus View” button in F/R-Dlg.
Buffer size calculation.
Running out of occurrences bookmarks.
Crash caused by buffer overflow.
Recent File List (File History): Disable OK/Remove on empty list.
Enhanced internal icon/bitmap handling.
Remove needless function.
F/R Dialog: Auto-Esc-Chars handling.
F/R Dialog: Clear F/R History – remove entries from .ini-file too.
Buffer to small in case of auto-esc ctrl-chars in find/replace edit-control.
Wrong Focused-View Mode shown in menu.
Try to fix (hardly reproducible) “copy Hyperlink issue (#2202).
Regression: initial calculation of Print-Zoom factor.
Not intended bookmarker on F/R dialog mark findings.
Bookmark Occurrences too menu checked.
Scroll to cursor for selection start/end jumps.
Not intended “violet” bookmark.
Context menu procedures for Occurrences Bookmarks on Focused-View.
Single click in status bar’s EOL segment will ask for consistent line-end change.
Find any next/prev. bookmark (std or word).
Scintilla bug fixes: SCICALL attribute (SCI).
Reload language resource for about-box on init (maybe language changed).
DPI Awarenes of window positions (default, sticky, …).
Center dialo in parent (if parent is minimized).
Fix copy search for & path to (only one) existing instance (GRE).
“grepWinNP3”: fix invalid searchPath Ballon-Tip handling (GRE).
[Settings2] filebrowser.exe=explorer.exe.
Text contrast on hover color hotspot.
Set preferred language to internal, on “not available confirmation dialog” is enabled.
Center system’s MessageBox in parent window.
Relative calculation of title font size for AboutBox and CS dialog.
Unicode Point detection and enhanced Color Tag contrast on hoover.
DPI-Awareness of “Customize Schemes…” dialog icon eye sugar.
DateTime and Timestamp handling.
No read-only file attribute if removed externally.
Some more DPI-Awareness issues.
Ensure selection visible (scroll to current position).
Extend selection to next find (Ctrl+Alt+F2).
DPI-Awareness of About-Dlg (especially RichEdit-Ctrl).
Non case sensitive style attribute search (find file extensions non case sensitive).
Notepad3 should save (no ask) & exit on Shift+ESC Hotkey.
Clear selection by ESC should not populate undo/redo stack.
No document modified flag on forced re-decode file (recode) w/ other encoding.
Nop SendMsg.
Afrikaans (af-za).
Belarusian (be-by).
Chinese Simplified (zh-cn).
Chinese Traditional (zh-TW) in waiting…
Dutch (nl-nl).
English (en-gb).
French (fr-fr).
German (de-de).
Hindi (hi-IN) in waiting…
Hungarian (hu-hu).
Indonesian (id-ID) in waiting…
Italian (it-it).
Japanese (ja-jp).
Korean (ko-KR).
Polish (pl-pl).
Portuguese (pt-PT).
Portuguese Brazilian (pt-BR).
Russian (ru-ru).
Slovak (sk-SK).
Spanish (es-es).
Spanish Mexican (es-MX).
Swedish (sv-se).
Turkish (tr-TR) in progressing…
Vietnamese (vi-VN) in waiting…


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