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俄国视频播放器 Light Alloy 4.10.1 Build 3251 中文免费版

俄国视频播放器 Light Alloy 4.10.1 Build 3251 中文免费版

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摘要:俄国视频播放器 Light Alloy 4.10.1 Build 3251 中文免费版由大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。轻合金是一种轻巧的,功能强大多媒体播放器,替代默认Windows 自带的 Windows 媒体播放器。轻松播放AVI,DIVX,DVD,MP3,ASF,WAV等多媒体格式。很少的资源和…

俄国视频播放器 Light Alloy 4.10.1 Build 3251 中文免费版大眼仔旭(www.dayanzai.me)发布。轻合金是一种轻巧的,功能强大多媒体播放器,替代默认Windows 自带的 Windows 媒体播放器。轻松播放AVI,DIVX,DVD,MP3,ASF,WAV等多媒体格式。很少的资源和内存占用。程序有内置的批处理器来Mp3, FLAC, Ogg, APE и Wav(PCM 8, 16, 24, 32 bits, DSP, GSM, IMA ADPCM, MS ADPCM, AC3, MP3, MP2, OGG, A-LAW, u-LAW)文件的批量测试,一批标准化和批量转换。

俄国视频播放器 Light Alloy 中文版

俄国视频播放器 Light Alloy 中文版

Light Alloy 是一款绿色免费的多媒体播放器,内置解码器(这点和 PotPlayer一样,也是当下作为一款优秀播放器的前提和趋势),几乎支持所有视频格式,也提供多款皮肤应用,是一款潜力巨大的多媒体播放器软件。

Light Alloy 主要特色:

·字幕支持:*。SUB,SRT,*。SSA ,*。ass



Light Alloy 4.10.0 (build 2945) 更新日志
This is the latest major version of Light Alloy with new features, as it goes to support-mode only, since it’s been superseded by Verona Player (https://verona.im). Only hotfix-releases will follow.
Completely new YouTube parser.
Internet radio: support for HLS-streams.
Encoding support has been completelly rewritten, now player supports fine whole range of encondings i.e. ANSI/UTF-8 w/o BOM/UTF-16 BE/LE w/o BOM. Playlist module and Internet Radio Stations list catalog is getting most benefits from this enhancement.
Ability to query file’s duration in background. Need to “Read file hash on add” enabled in Preferences->Playlist->Misc, because operation can be time consuming if your HDD is slow.
Added ability to customize playlist’s hint. It’s a hidden setting, so you have to enable it manually in LA.xml – see CustomHint tag, set Enabled to 1. “Template” property supports LA tags (like {TITLE}) that you can see in Information Line (Preferences->OSD), and html tags (b, u, s, i, hr, br)
Playlist popup menu: sort item is now an sort sub-menu with few actions (like sorting by title/filename/filepath…).
Large Address Awareness for filters (like SVP) that require more than 2GB memory to use in 32-bit application
Delete Files dialog: “do not show” option.
Added Portuguese Brazilian translation by Ricardo Vaidergorn.
Revamped Spanish translation by David Vaquer
Updated official web-site URL and official support email to https://verona.im
Major code refactoring, optimizations. Some preparations for release Light Alloy as open source.
BASS libraries updated to v2.4.12 and plugins to actual versions.
Removed VMR-7/9/EVR-Sync renderers and relevant options.
About box: sending feedback process has been rewritten (now it supports SSL)
Audio mode: player window now is maximized, instead of going to fullscreen.
LAP format: cache the size of file if we already got it somewhere (allows to optimize work of some operations).
Playlist, Update Checker: added support for SSL.
Playlist: enhanced behaviour of “Auto search and add files of a series to playlist” -> “If necessary” mode.
Preferences: some sections and categories were updated to make access to their settings cleaner and more obvious.
Preferences: icons were updated, some clean up and optimizations
Preferences->Events: “on player start” group of options has been remade technically, now they function more optimally and less buggy when multimonitor configuration in use.
Preferences->Events: “use monitor energy saving” is now hidden, enabled by default.
Preferences->Video->Misc: available qualities in youtube dropdown reduced to only 4 officially supported.
Skin system: rewritten Caption module, now it automatically makes text fit into player’s width and considering buttons, if text not fit it will tickered automatically.
Scheduler: internal overhaul, drop some unneeded power off modes, misc fixes to existing ones.
Fixed file info bug with {TITLE} tag when file title tag contains dotten text (like “123. qwe.mkv”)
Playlist: Folders Mode – fixed colors / font size reloading when switching between video / audio modes.
Playlist: fixed paint issues.
Playlist: after playlist clear, the hint was not erased properly.
Playlist: fixed selection issue when Shift+Up/Down keys used.
Scheduler state wasn’t respected when autoseek or “playlist repeat” was in use.
Video properties: fixed issue with picture box drawing on second monitor.
Preferences->Interface->Popup Menus: fixed several issues in popup menu customization functionality.
Preferences->System: fixed option “on taskbar; minimize to tray”
Preferences->Mouse: “show cursor if panels are visible” was not working correctly.
Fixed bug with Preferences Upgrade feature that caused inability to start the player if LA.xml was initially broken.
“About Light Alloy” popup window – fixed that some skins cannot be selected.
Fixed crash with media settings/cache clear.
Radio stations dialog cannot be shown when external playlist enabled
Skin System: fixed preview window border.
Skin System: fixed incorrect “align” attribute handling for Caption.
Fixed memory leaks in sections: Preferences->File types, player second copy detection system, and some others.
Fixed issues with monitor power save mode.
Shutdown dialog: the “cancel” button was broken.
Fixed visual artifacts after exit from fullscreen mode, when “Classic Windows style” is used.
Fixed player hang when you watch video on additional monitor and you decided to unplug this monitor.
Fixed some issues with “apply media settings” option to subtitles.
Misc fixes and some enhancements to Internet Radio Stations List window.

Video Engine:
New file change notification system for subtitles, now player reload changed loaded external subtitle file immediatelly.
Renderers (EVR CA): support for Rotation tag that used in some media files which signals about video file that has been recorded upside down.
Screenshots: support for Rotation.
Updated projects and some source files to be compatible with GCC 6.3.0 (previous version were compiled with pretty old 4.9.1)
Significant OSD paint optimizations to reduce video picture micro-stutterings on high-fps video.
Optimized saving screenshots when PNG format in use.
Do not display File Name in Debug OSD (Q) when watching media URL (youtube, for example).
Removed VMR-7/9/EVR-Sync renderers and relevant options.
Renderers (EVR-CA): no more depending on DirectX Redist June 2010 installed until you trying to use Shaders in video options (Shift+V) or display Frame statistic (Ctrl+Q).
VSFilter: fixed crash.
MKV: fixed calculation of TimeStamp for subtitles.
Fixed crash on some DVDs.
Currently active button in DVD menu was not repaint correctly on some DVDs.
Fixed some memory leaks.
Fixed possible crash wih subtitles when you move player window to second monitor while playback is active.
Normal playback speed (x1.0) was not restore on change by keyboard or mouse.
Low Merit internal filters were broken.
Videos with rotated picture were not scaled properly.

Install System:
Installer/Deinstaller now remember where Light Alloy was installed (useful when upgrade)
Installer/Deinstaller now shows correct version of install system.
ZIP compression algoritm replaced with 7-Zip, it makes installer size smaller on about 30%, but increases installation time.
Installer: Improved perfomance. Now extract files directly from itself, without previously unpacking the archive to disk.
Deinstaller: Fixed showing icon in “Add or Remove programs” window tool.
Installer: Now Light Alloy will be automatically closed before install.
Installer: Fixed actions that processes even if cancel action was perfomed.


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